I cannot login to my kodular creator account

I cannot log in to my kodular creator account. Every time I try, it shows that either the popup is closed by the user or the link has been expired! I tried resetting the password too but it does not work

Try with Google Account.

Trying with Google account only ! But it says popup closed by user !

@Diego can you help?

Maybe your browser is not allowing Kodular site to display pop-up.
Try in another browser

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Can you try on Incognito? Maybe it’s a cache issue

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Which browser are you using?
In every browser there is a function which allows and blocks pop ups
Check that ’ Allow Pop Up ’ is enabled in your browser.

Maybe. I’m using chrome and problem persists only in chrome. I can log in like before in other browsers.

Then the browser is the problem. I use Firefox and it works smoothly all the time.

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How browser can be the problem. I was using Kodular on this same browser, same pc two weeks ago and it worked fine then.
I’m using chrome and I tried enabling everything yet it says popup blocked by user. However I can see the popup and even Click on it…it says wait a moment and then…popup closed by user

I don’t know, Google Chrome Help.

It’s Solved. I can now login! It was a Cookie problem. Somehow cookies from my google account were disabled thus whenever I was making the request to log in through Google account, it was redirecting null. Hence, this error! Thanks to all the koder for the support!

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