Can Not store Email

Hi all,

I am trying to make an application for my company and its about giving each other feed backs!
I faced the problem that I can not detect who send the feed back and i need their email.
Is there anyway for me to get the login email from the login page and then when they are in the feedback page and click submit button I get their email from the login (First page) and then store it to my datbase (Real time db firebase) so i would know which feedback is coming form which person with what email.
I have been struggling in that and i would really appropriate if you guys could help me.
we are also looking forward to change the database since we can not store .,@?! with our feedback in our realtime DB.

Thank you all:heart:

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Just replace the @ with any other value you want like %$%

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please show us what you have tried before …

in the login page store the login email in TinyDB and in the feedback page read the previously stored email from TinyDB
TinyDB tutorial by Stephen

Many symbols cannot be used in firebase so first declare their encoding to %001 for @ or else something. Now its upto you

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Ok will try this

Thank you very much

Using Tiny DB and your Topic Helped me on solution

Thank you :slight_smile:

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