Can the kodular set the boundaries of the place, for example, to the boundaries Hospital 300 meters

It mean you need to use complex formula. To avoid only we r recommendING free exten

Is it this formula that finds the distance between two points?


Why doesn’t it work?

This is not the formula . Map will give us only radian values

Oh, what do I do? :thinking: :thinking: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

this is the formula

But this guide works based on kodular blocks only. So you didnt see the guide that we have provided

aia cant use.

Open the provided aia in your creator page, drag the blocks into your bagpack then move to your original project, again drag the uploaded blocks to your project and add the missing blocks. Simple

I can’t download it.

It was removed itseems. Go to the guide, just like the guide create a blocks into your project.

Instead use simple extension, it will reduce plenty of time

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What is the distance between the two points? M, km, radius.

And can it convert units?

It returns distance in km.

if converting to meters must x 1000 correct?


May I ask a little more And then if I define the radius of the circle The resulting value will be in meters, right?

What radius has to do with it? :thinking:

yes. It is just ordinary maths operation. result value /1000 will give you in m