Can users save their data to their own google sheet or google drive?

I am making an diary app.

I wonder is it possible to let users save their diary text to their own google sheet or drive ?

If it is possible, it is safer and easy because I don’t need to manage firebase.
I’ve searched about this, but I only found about saving user’s data to app maker’s google sheet.

Of course I need to getting user’s google login and getting permission.
I found an app using this method so I wonder it is possible with kodular.
google login - get google drive access permission - backup


Google Drive Connector (GDC): Connect an AI2 app to the user’s Google Drive

[PAID] GDrive: Just a Google Drive(App Data Folder) extension [$8 or INR 551]

Thank you for searching for me.
I think I need to study more about this.

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Thank you for your suggestion and links.

I still trying to find a way to make this function works.
I think extensions above doesn’t work in kodular after kodular update.
Is anybody can help this topic? :scream:

I am currently working on version 2 of my method for using “own google drive”, with improved features, including authentication within the app. There should be no real reason for it to not work in Kodular, other than a few block changes here and there. Some more testing required though…

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I don’t remember selling extension to you. :thinking:

Thanks for reply and happy to hear you’re working on version 2. :grinning:

I’ve tried yours and faced this error message.

Can you tell me the difference $8 ver and $15 (extended) ver?
I thought $8 version is enough for building my app but still curious extended ver.

$8 version can be used to make back up system like WhatsApp. This (backed up) data can’t be viewed by user in Drive app/website. It can be only accessed via your app.

While, $15 version can do above thing and also create files in Drive anywhere and this data is viewable in drive.

V1 should not be using the webviewer to authenticate, it should be using the native browser. This could be a Kodular compatibility issue ? Also I may have broken V1 due to the changes I am making for V2…