Upload to drive without extention

Dear all
I need way to upload to drive without extention ???

Google Drive?

yes google drive

did you have any idea to help me with this

Explain in detail…
What you want to upload


i try to upload image to drive and get image id i was using extension but get error with image id

Are you using google drive as cloud storage?

If yes, then you can use cloudinary storage component to upload media. You can get uploaded file url also.

Learn more : Cloudinary - Kodular Docs

see these ressources by TimAI2


mAn cloudnary is costly too costly

Nothing is free in this world!

Search Google for free cloud storage. You will get number of cloud storage providers.

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It is free initially, you are only charged when you grow.
And if you are earning why not help them earn too, the makers of any service are also developers like us.


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