How To Upload Images on Google Drive from App ? Like Cloudinary Storage

Can I really upload photos from your app to Google Drive Just like Cloudinary ?

If, Yes How ?

Try for this extension.


even see this -

Any Free Solution ?

This is a bit tricky. Is there any easy way to do this?

As said, there is no free method other than this yet.

If not, try this script method.

How to put the script?

Doesn’t the page give you clear info?

Use it here just paste all the script and get some basic informations.

No ! Do you have any video tutorial?

Then go to YouTube and search for the same. How to upload images to Google drive from Kodular. You will get lost of videos . Here we suppose to not to share because most of the video will be in Hindi lang

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Tell us which part you find tricky, we can then help with that (the example is made a little more difficult by a) having to handle all android versions and b) using the file picker approach. The basic process to upload a file is fairly straightforward.

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