Pictodrive Extension | By Ct tricks & Souvik Bera

Hello everyone,

Today i’m here with my another cool extension Pictodrive. You can use this extension to uploading Images directly to your Google Drive. This extension is the outcome of a joint effort of Ct_tricks & @Souvik_Bera . Kinldy download and use this extension and let me know your views & suggestion in the comments below.

Q. How to get Folder ID?

Go to your Google Drive & create a New Folder and give it a title { Example : TestDropBox }. Now follow these steps;

:arrow_right: Now you have to format this url to get the Folder ID from it

:arrow_down: Download AIX : com.cttricks.techybro.Pictodrive.aix (15.8 KB)
:arrow_down: Download AIA : Uploading Soon…


Got it working…AppInventor 2
File Owner : Ct-tricks ?
No relative paths? / or //
No uploading of file in assets (using companion)
Strange error responses (when upload fails):

java.lang.RuntimeException: can’t toast on a thread that has not called Looper.prepare()
Only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views.

won’t help the user much :slight_smile:

A good effort all round !!

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Ah that was my fault. Just sent the patch to @help_cttricks.

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Can you upload files from the phone to Google Drive?

You should probably type,

The Pictodrive extension helps you upload images to Google Drive pro-grammatically providing you have the Folder ID.

Instead of,

Pictodrive Extension Helps You In Uploading Images To Your Google Drive Programatically. You Just Have To Provide The Folder Id.

Spelling errors were fixed, and sentence was lower-cased for parts that didn’t need to be upper-cased. Made shorter as well.

This was a simple suggestion, it wasnt telling you that the extension is bad. It includes proper English and it’s not off topic.

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another great extension, this will help a lot to many users. Thank you for you Efforts.


I wanted a similar “extension” thank you so much bro …:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thanks alot for this great extension.
Since long time iam searching for this, Thanks alot from me and my team @help_cttricks

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Thank You all for your valuable feedback & support… it means a lot to me.


It’s works very fine. If any one wants aia download here :arrow_down:
drive.aia (17.4 KB)


Thank you @shiva-sandupatla i really appreciate for your contribution in our work by providing the AIA file. :grinning:

With this extension you can upload images & Gifs only… Me & @Souvik_Bera are working on this extension to include file upload feature in this extension.


My pleasure.

Nice Extension :star_struck: :star_struck:

I’m not sure if I got it right, but check out this thread in the AI2 forum, especially the last post by Tim. What’s your opinion? @help_cttricks


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Hello Guys !
Here i am showing you how to upload image to Google Drive.
I have used PictoDrive Extension
Thank to @help_cttricks for this extension.

At first you have to setup GDrive folder as any can edit
below image can clear it !

Here is block Image of it.

and from video you can be clear. how to setup these things using Kodular.


Hey @kimyunz01 for sharing this tutorial video… :wink:
It would be great if you can provide my & @Souvik_Bera Youtube channel URL in your desctiption. :joy:

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@help_cttricks can i know what are the different responses we get on upload failed event.

Error: no parameters in doGet
Error: Bad parameters in doPost
Error: Bad image format

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Did you credit Tanaike anywhere for his original script, or me, for that matter, for the development/conversion to AppInventor ?