[FREE] Async Image Loader Extension - Simple asynchronous image loader with circular image

Here is a simple asynchronous image loader extension to load image asynchronously in a image component from image path.

This is a simple and light weight extension since it does not uses any external library to load image.

Kodular inbuilt image loader does not works due to permission error in higher Android versions. This extension does not required any permission.



Sample Blocks

V2. Added property to set image circular with border width and border color.


V.2 com.thekstudio.AsyncImage.aix (12.3 KB)


Please upload blocks from Kodular Creator.


Does it really matters? If an extension works in AI2 then it will definitely works in Kodular being an AI2 distro. Anyway Kodular is being merged with AI2.

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Nice extension @The_K_Studio
1 thing i want to know , what is the difference between your and this extension…

It is based on third party Library and requires READ, WRITE permission whereas my extension does not uses any external library and does not require permissions to load images.

Also, above extension only loads image from url and my extension load images from url as well as assets and local storage.


Updated v2


Good work keep it up …

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good one. it’s useful.

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Picasso can cache images also in addition to above features.

(Obviously it has more size)

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Yes as it uses Picasso library.

I am not using any library, I want to keep it simple and light weight. Use any of the above as per requirement.

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I understand that.
If someone wants to load images async only then your extension is good otherwise if caching is required then Glide or Picasso extension are the options.

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