Can we Implement Streamlabs API using kodular

I want to send a Donation Post request from the app to Streamlabs alert. and Streamlabs has open-source API for that but I’m unable to understand how can we implement this. can anyone help?

Here is API Documentation for Donation alert Post

Simply use the “Post text” block of the Web component.

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It’s not as simple as you say

According to what I investigated:

You must first obtain an “access_token”, and this is obtained using the OAuth Protocol (This part is not as simple as it seems)

Once you have obtained the “access_token” you should save it in, probably a TinyDB , for later use with the Web component


I will try tomorrow and show you how to get an Access token. This is pretty simple when you have some experience in PHP (I’m saying tomorrow because with timezones it’s late)


I Have Access Token. This is not Hard to get. Every user can get it from settings section of Streamlabs dashbord.
Access Token only gives a Permission to post Donation Request.
and there is no need to OAuth Protocol to post Donation Request.

For Account Security reason there is Refresh option for token. Means User can change there access token anytime from setting if they feel Security problem. that’s why there is no need to implement OAuth Protocol.

I also talked about this who have developed same app. I have confirmed that there is no need to setup OAuth for access. They said we can post request using Access token and data string/URL

Here is Process of obtaining Access Code for StreamLabs Account

Login to Streamlabs using Youtube Account >> Setting at Left Bottom >> API Settings >> API Token >> Access Token >>
That’s it
There is 2 API Tokens but for our requirement we need only Access Token.

API Tokens are Personal Account Token Means its unique identification for user. ans it’s completely secure. and we can change anytime we want.

have you tried this

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I’m the topic owner. yesterday you said i will try so asked you…
& i found this Demo API - GitHub - stream-labs/streamlabs-api-demo: Demo of Streamlabs API. Documentation Here

Oooh yes sorry, I’m busy rn, I will show you in like 1hour ???

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can you show us the blocks you tried,as it can be done directly using web component using post text.

no i have not tried because i don’t know how can i do this which blocks can work

use this as reference

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okk i will try

@abcd_efgh9971 if you are copying something from somewhere, please give credit and add a link to the source… this is how the internet works…

Why it’s a good idea to give credit by Corey Wainwright.

Correctly giving credit would be like this:

use this as reference (found at App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Google Spreadsheet Database | Pura Vida Apps. Thank you Taifun!)

Thank you.


I know this is your Content because i have used this before 2-3 times to post data using google form. Thanks for it.

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no i have not posted that image. the image posted by other user. I’m just Thanking you for your contribution in app inventor community.

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