Can we use mediation network with kodular?

Can we use mediation network with kodular? If yes, how?


Tell more about that. What you want…?

yes i know some things like meditation musics and chatbots
you can try adding these features

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Is this comes under meditation network?

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Admob mediation ?
What mediation network you wanna use?


it is simple as i said .
you can add videos also.
try it it is easy

As I know meditation network means ads network…

i guess meditation app with small community then you can also add chat

This video can help you with mediation network.

They use Enhance Mediation network.

You can start this video from 0:51

But What Kind Of APP Requires Offerwall.

i think adding mine things that i said it is common just you need to make it stylish . check in play store for designs :

check above for design

i think no need

@Ekansh_Pandit, What @Neeraj_Kumar asking ,what you are replying, neeraj is talking about how to use multiple ad networks on my app.


ok now under stood

He is Confused in Mediation and Meditation.


cant understand?

@Neeraj_Kumar if admob mediation,
Then yes you can or if you want to use meditation chatbot then refer @Ekansh_Pandit 's reply

Only @Neeraj_Kumar know whether it’s mediation or meditation :joy:

ya :sweat_smile:

That’s why he is recommending music & chat bots
& i got confused that how chat bot & music comes under mediation network