Can You Change My Community Name?

Hello, to the community, can you change my visible name, that is, the name that users see, authorities? Please make my new name a BeginnerProgrammer Please

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Login Your Account Follow This

Click on profile

Change your name

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It says so, but I have the same e-mail account.

Can you help

Login With Same Email id on attached with community

I did that but it didn’t work

You can’t change your username on your own in the community, however, you can change your name (displayed below under the username in profile card and next to the username in posts)


Also, it appears to be you can change username in the My Kodular, but I have never tried it.

My problem is I can’t change where it says username

For example, my name in the community is Talha_Seker, I want to change it, but I can’t.

What does happen when you click that?