Cannot Fit Image in centre

Hello friends,

I am new here, I am developing a app. But I cannot Set my logo in centre on 1st screen. please help me.

Thanks in Advance

can u share us some images what u exactly doing

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In Properties of Screen1, select 'Centre' option from drop down menu of both Align Horizontal and Align Vertical properties. See the image below


If you would show the image representation

-/Aravind Chowdary
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Its good that you are willing to help :point_up:

But marketing your app on another user’s queryI think is not a good idea


I know it would look wierd but I don’t how can I increase my app installs so trying to get my app promoted under the replies I give !!

So this isn’t a way of getting users to download your app.

Also, I replied to your topic in which you asked the ways of promoting the app. Try out some of the ways listed there. You can Google for getting more ways for doing the same. After developing and publishing your app, sit back and hear what the users who downloaded your app, want to say. Be responsive and try to show your interest in talking with them. And at last patience is the key. Have patience. If your app in unique and useful, you will eventually get more downloads.

And now please don’t reply here, because it will then become off topic. Also its not good to hijack another user’s topic for your profit. If you want you can PM me further.
Hope you understand :slight_smile:


Solved. Thanks


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