Can't go to the link,which came from firebase!Please Help!

Iam trying to open the link clicking by a button but it shows “No corresponding was found”. Actually,Here iam getting link from firebase but can’t go to the link :frowning: blocks (1) ss1

What you are trying to do?

Hi, welcome.
You have many errors in what you want to do. Don’t worry we will try to help you.

What link type you need to open ( image, web, etc ).
let’s start there and later we see as we continue


It’s an App Update Link… I think So…

Yes,This is an app update link

I want to open Website

show link you entered through firebase

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Sorry i’m missing this post. I’m understanding that you need to do.
Anyway let’s go:
With these block if user press button read firebase. After got value (link to open Website) set URL to value from firebase and show webview (if the webview are hiden). Don’t need activity Starter.
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To here is ok, what more you need to do ?

Show your Firebase Structure…

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