How to get url from firebase database and set in button

How to get url from firebase database and set in button

Use firebase get value with proper tag also use proper firebase bucket

I do but not working

Iam facing this error

Are you getting the value from firebase?
Test with an label

If so is it in proper structure?

What type of activity you wanna open?

When I use this method

Iam facing this error

And when I use this method
““Get URL / Full text from Firebase in kodular app | kodular tutorial in hindi | App Creator - YouTube””
Iam facing this issue

So you wanna open YouTube link?

Do you save the url mannualy in firebase

Yes but through firebase database

Donot parse the value

So which is correct”. This

Try to save the url from admin app or try like this

Yes i do but didn’t work

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Show your screenshot after firebase got value

either try like this


or like this…


But make sure this place is empty in designer part


I habe tested your url with above method and found working… It takes me to youtube channel casting kodular blocks. Please try like this and if it not work let me know

Now test… your url must be saved like this inorder activity to read it as perfect url


Sorry 5ir still not working

Please help slr

I used web component instead of firebase component… because of firebase parse json error

URL is, Use your fb url but at the end of your firebase url just add Url.json

Thank you slr