Store URL in firebase

How can we store url in firebase ?

If URL store in this format.
Than it will work otherwise not

How can we store URL in this format

This, read the topic:


I’m using text box

I want store URL in firebase
Not get URL

I want store URL in this format

Can we use any other way

Help …

Did You read ?

“for storing link do this”

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URL in Firebase is stored in different way.
This is the format:


I want store it from blocks method.
Not manually

I have a lot users
He wants store a URL

Can you give any example of blocks

Just store the url like a value

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Show us yours blocks , what did you try ?

you can use Join block

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just use this block

blocks - 2020-11-18T160504.765

Dont need to use join block just store the textbox text

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if user not enter https:// in textbox text. then, firebase didn’t store it as URL. i think…

Just enter the link in textbox and store it in firebase simply

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Let’s wait for him to show what he tried.


You want easy answers without testing.

If you do what Sumit1334 said, it works…

If you put a url in a Texbox or take it out of a text label or wherever, when you save it in Firebase, it is saved as follows:


But when you use the blocks to get the data in Firebase and put it in a Label, it looks right:

You get this:


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