Can't pick an excel file, then create a list from its components

my app needs 3 steps to work

STEP1, I am using Jewel’s file picker extension to pick the excel file
STEP2, Use the native file component to read the picked file
i am not even sure what I should do next to use the data in the excel file after I read it. I am still stuck in STEP2 as I get an error messege that the file could not be found

blocks (2)

blocks (1)

what is the filePath and fileName in your example? any example?
you might want to display it in labels to find it out…
where exactly did you store the file you like to pick? you might want to check this link Some basics on Android storage system
an excel file as it is can’t be read directly… you should convert it in csv format and read the csv file instead


I noticed that the block picture here shows that I am using a file path instead of file name, I promise I have tested with file name

I also tasted with //getfilename

Don’t use the FilePicker extension as it does not work with the latest SDKs. Use SAF to pick files instead.

I used SAF extension as follows

now I can successfully select the file I want but i can’t use it in the app.
I am trying to allow the users to create excel files and then the app can make flashcards from the excel file as a language learning tool.

I am using SAF extension now as follows

the file path is content://
the “get read result” block sets label 4 text to (( No content provider:text for label 1))

you should convert it in csv format and read the csv file instead
I want the user to be able to create their own excel file and then import them to the app. I don’t think i can ask them to export the excel file as csv. can kodular do the conversion instead for the user? I looked for extensions online to do that and their url were not available to me

This is not a file path, it is a content uri
You can use one of the file extensions to convert it into a file path

In the extensions directory App Inventor Extensions | Pura Vida Apps you can find 2 older paid excel extensions… unfortunately their developers are not active in the community anymore.


Please note that you can read a file only after getting uri.
So, you should move ReadFromFile method under GotUri event.
For more examples please check the extension thread in App Inventor Community.