Need help trying to select pdf files from phone

i’m trying to create an app in which upon clicking a button all the pdf files will be shown and after selection the selected file can be viewed within the app and also uploaded to firebase
i’m using the file picker extension from deep host that is able to display list of pdf files but after selection, the file path its providing is something like document:8987
i need help in displaying the list of pdf files and then selecting a file and getting its file path.
i also tried using activity starter but i don’t know what to do beyond this

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I already tired them both, the extension causes the app to crash after picking the pdf and taifun’s solution says no pdf selected and does not return path instead gives /document%3A8987 also tried to convert this into file path using taifuns file extension but that dosen’t work either (android 11). @Taifun @Boban

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I think its about result uri and file path.

Try my block
Work on android 10
Extention to get path from data uri : filetools by @vknow360


this block is returning an empty value

Share your block button1 and activity starter for pick and open

Its work for me. Android10.

I dont know with android 11. I have not yet :grin:

any other alternate method?

What is label1 text result

Whats your pdf file name?

I got result on my phone like this

Result with mimetype of file .pdf

@karthik2 Try using this extension :point_down:

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Can you post an APK? I can test.

T12.apk (5.2 MB)

Apk pickPDF.apk (5.2 MB)

Aia pickPDF.aia (31.7 KB)

For apk, add block ask for permission : android.permission.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE

still no luck

Your apk work fine for me
See video

Yep seems to be a problem of the extension with android 11
tested it with android 9 works fine. does anybody know how to get file path from content uri other than using these extensions? @vknow360 @Taifun