I want a File picker

I hope kodular add a file picker. just likes this

Use taifun extension for file picker

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Hello @jayguo

Have a look at this :point_down: tutorial by @Taifun

Picking files from the SD Card with App Inventor

Hope it helps :+1: :slight_smile:


File Picker Plus Extension by Andres Daniel (12 USD)

FileChooser Extension by Ben (10 USD)

File Explorer Extension by Kus Zab (free and 5 USD)



Thank for everyone’s reply, this are very good extensions, and I have try some of them. But I hope we can see what file I recently use in the file picker, because some user maybe don’t know what the path of the file that they want to upload.

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I also check this way, but it seems it has a bug when I use “recent” to pick file and Taifun’s file extension can’t change result URL into path.
Maybe @Taifun can help to solve this problem?

If I use “recent” to pick, it will return something like content://com.android.providers.downloads.documents/document/9447, and Taifun’s file extension will return empty string.
If I use “file manager”, it will return something like content://com.android.fileexplorer.myprovider/external_files/DCIM/Screenshots/Screenshot_2018-09.png, and Taifun’s file extension can change it into the path like /storage/emulated/0/….

Here is the block

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Same problem when choosing recent files… Is there any way to fix that?

For 2 months, I don’t find any way to solve this problem :confused:

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I found a perfect way by using some external Extension

yes, you can only use extension now

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