Can't upload my apk to Google Play... Trouble parsing package when opening apk on phone

I’m having trouble uploading my apk to Google Play… And I am also having trouble “parsing package” when opening apk on phone.

The apk is about 8mb, there are not warnings in the Kodular block editor

I tested the app with the Kodular companion many times, and it works fine on there.

Please help

maybe the apk is broken. Export it again from the builder and try again.

It’s probably related to package name in both cases

Btw, show us the error from google


How do I do this correctly? Is there a guide?

Would you please upload a screenshot of your screen1 properties? And also the error from google.

The error message from Googlee

I probably have 300+ screen1 blocks and some blocks take up the entire screen when expanded… Although the entire app is one screen.

Here is the package name I think, I tried to upload this to Google… Probably it’s not correctly named


Ok, here are some questions.

  1. I asked a screenshot of your Screen1 properties in your builder, not of your apk. (lol)
  2. Is this an update to your existing app or are you uploading a new app altogether?
  3. If you don’t have a problem with showing your blocks, please upload the screenshot of that blocks too.

I’m not sure what properties you mean… Do you mean my main screen?

This is my first app upload to Google Play ever, so I’m new to this. Sorry.

Also, I just downloaded the apk but did not rename it at all, so I think that may be the issue.

yes, your main screen properties. The one where you upload your icons and all. The MAIN screen.

Ok, here are my properties

Dude, come on. Click on that "screen 1’. You will get the properties. Take a screenshot of that one!

Sorry, hopefully these show the properties

OK, I’ve PMed you. Check your msgs.

Can’t you help publicly? It may help other members to solve their issues.


I will after I look at it. This discussion is going too long. I still can’t see if he entered a package name.

@edovadia Help @Brain_Flare_Creation to understand correctly. Post screenshots of Screen1 properties.

Here is the package name, but it is different from what I submitted to Google Play and the app file, should the names be the same?

Ha! Clear your package name, export it and upload it again.(btw, package name is not of this format)

Ok, thank you, I’ll try that!

Package name should be of this format - com.something.something