Can't use Push Notification

So, i got this code for onesignal (App ID). In Makeroid you’ll need to put this ID into the field for the App ID of the Push Notification Component. And that’s, what isn’t working:
i put the code into the field and no matter what i write, it always instantly dissapears after i leave the field for the input. So, setting up OneSignal seems to be impossible, isn’t it? Is there a workarround for that?

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You see, you’re on a different screen other then Screen1 so it won’t work. Input your OneSignal App ID into the field on Screen1 and it will work. The reason for this is because, when you click on the Notification and there is no attached URL from where it was sent, it can only take you to the first original screem.

Well, i guess i just had one of the days, where you just can’t think enough to do anything on an app, even in makeroid, <_>
Thanks for your solution ^^


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