Onesignal notification not shown

i can’t send onesignal messages on the device where i installed my app with push notification component, notifications do not arrive. notifications and registration are active. how can i solve? i have android 9 pie.

I searched on google, in the forum, and nothing helped me

If you have them, Could you send the blocks related to OneSignal?
Is your app allowed to receive notifications on your device?

yes, my app has been allowed to send notifications on the device. I have no onesignal blocks, I just added push notification block to the app and entered the app id

Do you put correctly your APP ID on the OneSignal componet Properties?

yes, until yesterday it worked, today it no longer works for no apparent reason

That’s strange… Could you DM me and send me the .aia file?

ok I’ll prepare it

Is it your Screen1? (Screen what your app initialize)

yes, it’s my screen1. the screen initializes the onesignal status values visible on the labels in the screen

I’m not at home now. When I arrive, I will investigate it :wink:

Thanks, keep me updated! :blush:

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Oddly, it started working again. Thanks to everyone anyway for the help :blush:


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