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Good Day Everyone,

Can someone help me save my Canvas Drawing in Downloads Folder? so I can view it on my phone gallery.

I was able to save the canvas but the location of the image where put in android/data/kodularapp/canvas.png folder of the app.

Here’s My code for saving the canvas:

Thank you!

where is the storage path? permission block to access internal storage?

You have set only save as…

No, but you can copy / move it (from the ASD) to one of the Shared folders

  • /Download
  • /Documents
  • /Pictures
  • /DICM

(using one of the file extensions from @Taifun or @vknow360) and then it should be shown in the Gallery.

Note: The Canvas component requires incorrectly WRITE permission, although it is saved in the ASD on devices with Android ≥ 10. This is a bug. @pavi2410

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Btw, it should soon be possible to do this directly without any extension:

Not all components have been updated with the Android 11 changes, which I believe even App Inventor haven’t as well.

Thanks for letting us know!

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Yes, sad, but true. :wink:

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