Card View error on Click event

I have used card view in sidebar. On Click I have set open another screen with start value, But on Click an error apear then another screen open…

Show your Blocks.

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Card view is full clickable

Blocks should be in Extended form.
How we can Check the Collapsed part.

Collaps part is just a text with start value…and screen name

it happens on clicking any Card View,
Or a specific one.

I have used 3 card view and it’s happen with all three card view

now tell me have you using dynamic components and creating card view and also using any card view click block if yes then its causing the error

i was also got same error so identified the solution here as an if condition

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I have used dynamic component extension in same screen but with another card view and error happening with another card view

any card view means all card view in screen

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I have used total 5 card view 1 for dynamic component extension, and remaining 4 card view was in sidebar and error occur while sidebar card view clicked

if you use any card view block it will work on every card view no matter if its dynamic or static

just use if condition in any cardview block like i used then you wont get error

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But why this error and what’s the solution

Share your Blocks of -
Any Card View Click

I understood why this error, in block section I have used Andy card view clicked block

reason for the error in simple way is its causing due to when you click a carcview (dynamic or static) it will call all blocks of every card view you used in screen


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