Card View extension - info

I have these blocks



Use this One…


by If & then block.

Material card extension is from @Andres_Cotes

According to description

Type1 : Method for generating material cards within a single arrangement. Parameters : Component input : It is the arrangement where the cards will be added. List images : A list with the path (URI or URL) to be displayed. List titles : A list with the text that will be displayed in the Title section. List subTitles : A list with the text that will be displayed in the subtitle section. List content : A list with the text that will be displayed in the content section. List buttons : A list with the name of the icons that will be displayed in the buttons section. You can pass an empty list if you don’t want any buttons.

How @Gian_Luca get this extension. Means from where?? :joy: :joy:

This website is not available, we have to use archive but, still how he find this?

I believe in order to work you have to upload fonts (material icons ttf)

Why won’t you use dynamic components extension instead ?


I tried but I was unable to adapt what I had achieved with dynamic components

What do you wish to adapt a crview that has and image, a title, a subtitle, info and some buttons ?

Yes, right

Why do I have to insert this file? then in the make a list in the text what should I write?


Try this aia and see the benefits of dynamic components. When button1 is clicked list is created with cardview extension and when button2 click with dynamic components
cardview_material.aia (1.1 MB)

here, however, the words favorite and share appear but not the icons


For me it buttons are shown as you can see, tested with companion and with apk

I don’t know why, but it looks like this to me …

Don’t know why and as I said no need to use such an old extension dated from 2017 when you can use more recent ones that doesn’t cause problems. If still wish to use it contact the developer

I believe…

Change your text typography…


Because its a font typography for icons, thus you are getting this issue.

unfortunately i tried it but it doesn’t work

If you don’t mind then can you share your aia?

Have your opened, @dora_paz 's post#22.

& Have you setup any font typo in your mobile settings?

cardview_material.aia (1.2 MB)