Create A Post Dynamically

I want to create a post dynamically
I cant make its view
I first tried with dynamic component then deleted and tried with extension but cant make its view correctly
Can anyone just please give me dynamic blocks for
Like a image and 3buttons below it
Like this

Show something … what have you tried?

I tried this but before that i tried with dynamic components but i got confused and used extension
But its cant be done it extension
And i dont exactly know hw to do it with dynamic components
I had tried with dynamic image and dynamic card view

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custom listview by DeepHost can do that i have seen that in there tutorial but its paid,

i also know that :thinking::grimacing:but paid
there should be something like torrentz for kodular :face_with_hand_over_mouth::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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haha, then you have to make own list view for that,

i am not that smart:face_with_thermometer:

and for smartness, they charge price, (like Paid Extensions)

Ya,I am still learning :joy:
BTW its going off topic

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Coming back to topic, This can help you in free,

already tried see my blocks but problem is coming with buttons
and only one image is loading

You might want to hold up on buying an extension.


Will This Work?
I Have This

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But I Cant Understand Dynamic Components:pensive:, But Will Do!

yes i think, try it

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ok lets see

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best of luck

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Thanks For Helping:heart_eyes:

it was just for testing will improve design soon

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that is very good, i am happy for you

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Something new is coming i guess :partying_face: