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hi guys, I ask you for information. In the cardview Type1 extension what can I put where it says BUTTONS? I didn’t understand what values I can enter.

Are you getting any error? If not then its may be ok!

Which extension are you using ?

I think may be this one…

But I don’t know, if he why using this one, its already a component.

no, I am not receiving any errors, but I would like to know what I can put in buttons. Can I put buttons?

Yes, by the make a list block.


There may be a block in card view extension " After button click ", there you have to use if & then condition.

i am not able to tell which extension … it is called Cardview1

no, this is not it

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Go to designer, extensions and click the little info :information_source: icon next to the name of the extension. Then you may see the developer

I have these blocks



Use this One…


by If & then block.

Material card extension is from @Andres_Cotes

According to description

Type1 : Method for generating material cards within a single arrangement. Parameters : Component input : It is the arrangement where the cards will be added. List images : A list with the path (URI or URL) to be displayed. List titles : A list with the text that will be displayed in the Title section. List subTitles : A list with the text that will be displayed in the subtitle section. List content : A list with the text that will be displayed in the content section. List buttons : A list with the name of the icons that will be displayed in the buttons section. You can pass an empty list if you don’t want any buttons.

How @Gian_Luca get this extension. Means from where?? :joy: :joy:

This website is not available, we have to use archive but, still how he find this?

I believe in order to work you have to upload fonts (material icons ttf)

Why won’t you use dynamic components extension instead ?


I tried but I was unable to adapt what I had achieved with dynamic components

What do you wish to adapt a crview that has and image, a title, a subtitle, info and some buttons ?

Yes, right

Why do I have to insert this file? then in the make a list in the text what should I write?