CardView ELEVATION property does't work correctly

Describe your issue

With cardview, when you set a corner radius, you can’t set elevation to 0. And the Elevation property is laggy.
See :

Steps to reproduce the issue

Try to set a corner radius, and the elevation to 0. The card will still have default elevation. The minimum with a corner radius is 1

Expected Behaviour

No elevation if elevation is set to 0
Changing elevation value should not be buggy

Android version

OnePlus 6T Android 8.1

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The more rounded the cardview, the higher it gets, also has another problem, the edge radius is not the same for all devices, on screens with higher resolution the radius of the edge becomes lower, on screens with low resolution the radius of the edge gets bigger.


Yes, these two properties have problems !

I had also noticed that, but in my test application, I didn’t see it

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Should be fixed in next release