Cardview error in encode cell

my airtable data is encoded, but when decoded it has an error

como eu faço para que os dados apareçam decodificados sem que apresente erro ?

Ps : blob:

Ps : when the data is not decoded the program runs normal but unreadable to the client

Ps: I need the data to be encoded because there are characters in my language that are not recognized by airtable

The images :slight_smile: helpme

i think your cardview is not supporting image by url, and you have to use direct image or use colintree list view

cardview supports url images, the problem is that titles need to be decoded for the same reason you told me yourself, because airtable doesn’t support certain characters in my language

but when they are decoded it gives an error, as when I decode the app runs normal, but then the titles are unreadable

But its decoding that text as showing car 1 car 2 car 3,

really he’s decoding yes so I didn’t understand the reason for the error

really he’s decoding yes so I didn’t understand the reason for the error

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I think the problem is here:

I don’t know that uri decode can decode a list.
Use for each or for each number loop

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oww really

decode it can but now that you spoke i think he decompiles with the data all together just it so would explain be giving error

I will try to do what you said :slight_smile:

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it didn’t work i tried to do what you said but it didn’t work :confused:

I think you have to send me aia of your app , i will check it and try to fix errors

What have you tried?

You have to put it this way:


And then use the list in the cardview

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is downloading the data but they are all coming together

How do I make each card view have a die?io io

That’s because the variables are lists, in the cardview you shouldn’t put the block “make a list”.

Remove the block “make a list” and just put the variable…

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it workeeeeeeed
thanks really bro
I was trying for days :slight_smile:

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But why?? Answer was here for so many days.

But you wanted blocks :disappointed:

exatamente por isso que estava tentando a dias

foi a partir dessa resposta que estava tentando fazer funcionar

English please…

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