Cardview image async problem

I am using cardview in my app . it is very slow or lagging when i initialize screen and get data form firebass and shows in cardview . i think loading image is my problem . i searched other community post for my problem i found that image async is not possible in cardview till now but the post was posted in 2018 . does anybody knows that now it is possible or not ?

Dynamic or stable component?

Yes, it is possible and since a long time it was possible.

In my project i also use asynchronus image loading along with dynamic card view and dynamic images.

Some times images load, sometimes not, sometimes they load quickly and sometimes like Sloths.

I everyday try possible canges in my Blocks but still remains the same output.

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Stable component

Not Possible.
If i use stable component it will need -
400+ Card Views
400+ Images
500+ Labels

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