Chameleon Ads, what is it?

(Dipanshu) #47

At least how much payout will get

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Thank you. But as u can see I deleted the post as it’s already been told. Anyway thanks for replying.

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I was replying when you withdrew it. :grimacing:

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Ha ha ha…you should follow me :yum:

(Xandy Henrique) #53

I actually added the new chameleon advertising component almost a week ago, but I do not see any revenue estimate or rpm value, I just see the impressions.

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #54

I will talk with Chameleon Staff tomorrow and get back to you

(Xandy Henrique) #55

Okay, Diego, today I got the earnings estimate. I found the few gains compared to admob.

(Charles Dorantes) #56

What is the payment policy? At what time will I get payment for my earnings

(Nathan) #57

It says it on the dashboard if you press More Information.

(Charles Dorantes) #58

Hi Diego, I have embedded Chameleon Ads to my App which I haven’t published to play store yet but have about 3 ppl using it and still adding up more functions to it before publishing to play store. The problem is, at the Kodular Chameleon ads reports generation, it says I only have 2 impressions since and other actual earnings rep 00. Within my App, the ad shows at least every 2 minutes which I believe with about 3 ppl actively using it, shld earn more than that.

Please I just wanna clarify this so in case I publish to play store and have more users, I won’t fall short or won’t see any earnings.
Please revert… thanks

(Diego Barreiro Pérez) #59

@charlesdorantes It is because Chameleon Ads counts only unique impressions
This means that if an user sees an ad 3 times, it will only count as 1

This was done by @Chameleon as a security measure, but we are working to count all of them

(Charles Dorantes) #60

Does it mean if a user sees same ad 3 or more times for some period of time that it will accumulate counting to 1 or as the user installs my app and sees lets say ad1 for the whole days and months the user uses the app.
If “Ad1” shows to user more than 3 in a day = count 1
Or if “Ad1” previews to user for unknown period of time, i.e as long as the app is active on the users device… the whole long time preview is = 1

What I want to know is, does the counting equals to some number of days for a particular Ad or equals to a day or as long as the app is in use = 1 ???

Emphasizing on this because since about 3days of adding Chameleon to my app which current users are about 4 to 5 cuz is not out yet, Have got ONLY 2 impressions which happened the first day they installed the app but since, the Ads keep piling and showing up in my app but still 2… which I think wont be fair to the creator of the app with monitization…

Also only the impressions shows 2 but the rest, nothing… Like RPM 0 and Total Rev = 0

(Nathan) #61

I think it’s every 3 ads the user sees then it counts as 1. So if a user sees 12 ads… then it will be counted as 4 impressions.

(Charles Dorantes) #62

Nathan bro, mine dont count at all… it has been 2 since… I even made them left the app on for almost half a day, like keep screen active and ads kept showing but no show… Also made them interact with it.

I have even added a timer action to it… so it loads the ad at every 1 to 2 minutes…


Sounds like you just want the app to run to create money…
Dont think that chameleon ads dont know this…

If you would do the same with admob… Then your account will be disabled in 3…2…1…

(Nathan) #64

They need to buy a new car Mika :joy: He wants the new Honda Civic.

(Charles Dorantes) #65

Oh but its only fair that I put content out and have something little in return…
My app is not just to make money, I do street talk and interviews with whole video shoot gadgets and crew. I spend alot putting this content together always… normally publish them on our youtube channel but now want to put every video content in one app section where they can interact with the topics of the interviews, chat, download the interview videos and so more in there… The main idea is not just to make money out from the app but knowing that we can make something to support the work we doing, then why try to make it happen… Hope you understand…

And just because I added Chameleon ad to my app doesnt mean my account shld be block which I think not bcuz the app have more content and other useful interactive features so I dont see why it should be so…

(Nathan) #66

You do understand you have your app running on a timer? That’s against AdMob policy but, unfortunately many apps still do it.

You could add a button for them to “Pay for a Coffee” by watching an ad in the Settings.


It doesnt matter for me which type of app you create or not.

The fact is this:

And as I said earlier:

So do you get it now what I want to say?
YOU should use only test mode as developer…
And if your app is released turn the test mode off.