Chameleon Ads, what is it?

(Charles Dorantes) #68

Understand you… So I will publish it on play store and see if it works fine after people start using it…

But before that, I will remove the clock component.

What I found out was, if you make ad load on screen initializing and show ad after loaded, it only shows the ad once and it doesn’t appear again…


This is no bug.
After a ad was shown then the load ad is consumed.
Means after a ad was visible, it must be loaded again before it can be again shown to the user.

Just use the ad closed event to load a new ad.
And then you can show the next ad whenever you want

(walya_express) #70

Check this :point_down:

Chameleon a Kodular Ad network

(Nikhil27B YT) #71

It’s still not working in my account chameleon is worst ad network


Please create a bug topic with details about your problem

(Charles Dorantes) #73

@Mike @Nathan… The Chameleon ad shows fine but at the report section, only the impressions counts but the RPM and Total Revenue doesn’t and it has been just like that since… The impressions counts fine but the rest doesn’t and I believe if the RPM and Total densest count, I wont be paid right? below is a screenshot. Please revert

(Chulbuli Apps) #74

I think chameleon is a new so it will take some more time to fix bugs but we have to corporate them.

(MRB) #75


We haven’t disabled AdMob

It’s not our ad network.

(Yasir Shakoor) #78

Then why our admob ads are not getting displayed :confounded::confounded::confounded::confounded: please fix it Asap!


Or what? You are getting all wound up about this. If you think Kodular is not doing a proper job go somewhere else. And when developers give you an answer why not just accept it. If you know better then show some proof.

(😍) #80

bro there is some issue with your admob account that’s why ads are not showing. If it was kodular’s bug then there wasn’t any ads in my apps.

(Yasir Shakoor) #81

Dear sir i have checked my ads in app namely “Admob tool” My ads are working fine. I created an app in thunkable and added ad units it’s also working fine but when i add ads in kodular it’s not working at all so i think it’s bug.
And Don’t tell your users to go anywhere
Respect others then you will be respected back!

(Yasir Shakoor) #82

I checked my ad units in thunkable it’s working fine


So you call this respect? That’s an unfounded accusation, so show some proof of this.

(Yasir Shakoor) #84

What kind of proof sir?


That’s what i mean. There is no proof Kodular tries to promote “their” ad network as you say. If you want to harm Kodular in any way, you are in the wrong place.

(Yasir Shakoor) #86

Hahaha why i want to harm kodular?
Kodular makes our dream into real making app without coding amazing
But when kodular updated to new version it has some bugs i think because ad is not getting display so what should we do?

(Kleyber Derick) #89

Not saying some things like:

(Yasir Shakoor) #90

Sorry very very sorry :pensive:
But sir my ad is not coming I’m appealing from last 5 days no one is helping me so what to do?:pensive: