Where Is chameleon ads is gone

I am using chameleon ads it is currently showing ads
what where i can see the revenue can the component is also on their
please guide me

Hello chaneleon ads will be hidden in the new update

soo how i see my revenue

Have you earned anything from it.

Cotact @Diego

Chameleon Ads component was removed due to the low RPM rates they provided, which was giving extremely low earnings
You can still access to account.kodular.io/cpanel/creator/ads


As ı Said early please add mediation platform like appodeal or admob mediation


Hi Diego. Could you add an equal extension to Chameleon where I can customize my own ad link ?. I would greatly appreciate it.

Can you explain more?
I understand your idea :sweat_smile:

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Well … let’s say I have an echos book app for me. I want to be able to include ads that show my other books for the user to want to buy.

Oh, that’s a custom advertising platform
But we don’t offerthat,sorry

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You can create your own ad, just create a banner size gif, use a button, set button image to gif, and when button click open the url

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Hi. I know it has been a while since you answered my question. And the same thanks to Diego.

Maybe I end up using custom html code to show ads. This is mainly for when I want to announce in the main or other window some new article or content of my authorization. Of course all this will be displayed in my application.