Chameleon Ads, what is it?

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Just suppose… when a client of you has a problem with an app made by you and you don’t have a solution at the moment, what do you say to your client?


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i will work faster and faster to resolve problem
just suppose… if you know what’s the problem is with admob ads then your client is begging help from you, what do you say to your client?


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Me also tried admob tool and ads were showing in that
You are right bro

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It was not an answer to your client.

You are supposing what you are not sure it is happening with Kodular Staff… it’s very dangerous for you. So pay attention on your words.


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Sir my ad is showing after 30 seconds and some time not showing but before Kodular update it was working fine and some time now it is showing runtime error


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if anyone thinks that admob is not working, then dude, you better find solution on your own.
if there is a bug then kodular team will fix it so don’t blame anyone here.

There are other options too to show ads on your app, so before complaining or posting duplicate topics, try to search this and other communities, if you search you will get many different solutions and something extra which you have never thought about it.

there is a website called - they provide extension to show any type of ads in your app, so try that.


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Hey, if the ads is sowing in 30s interval then it is a good thing that help us to engage with our app users because when they open app they will see ads after a certain time and they will not uninstall our app because off ads. but if you are working to make money then i cant say anything because try to make a cool app instead of trying to get a $ in 1 or 2 users.


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