Change csv delimitator when importing file

I’m importing csv files into my app and it’s been working fine when the file comes separated by commas. But when csv is separated by a semicolon, the import even works, but I can’t retrieve any data from the list.

When csv is created by Google spreadsheets or open office it is already separated by commas, but when it is created by MS Excel it comes with a semicolon and most people who will use my app use excel

Is it possible to change the csv demilitarizer (semicolon by comma) when importing?

One way is to save excel file as CSV UTF-8


Another way when imported use replace block and replace | with ,

I did it. Not working.

I did not think about it. I’ll give it a try.

For me works with no problem when I save from Excel as CSV UTF-8 file


I tried but it didn’t work. After a lot of searching I found out that the Excel delimiter is managed by Windows and since in my region (South America) the comma is used to separate decimal each (this comes in windows by default) it is impossible to change the Excel delimiter without messing up the other side. And it is impossible for the user to change this every time they export a csv.

The solution was to use Google Sheets. Thank you for your time.

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