Change font in bulk

I have lots of screens and each of them have notifiers and labels and buttons in my app…now I want to change the font to a new one for all and doing this manually is seriously a problem for me…is there any shortcut?

You could change the Font with some code but I think this takes longer than change it manually.

Or maybe with the „any block“ function but it’s not really a schortcut.

Create lists of your labels, buttons etc. Each list will need to be separate, ie labels in one, buttons in the other.

Then when you want to change the font you can use the Any Component blocks to change the font size.

So for example

When Button_Increase_Font is clicked
Set font size of any label in list Labels_list to font size + 1
Set font size of any button in list Buttons_list to font size + 1

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You must have to do it manually only, there is still no official option for this…

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