How can I use any label to set the font size of all labels

I have nearly 300 labels in my project so how can I use any label to set the font size of all labels together?

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Make a list of label and then use loop and in loop set that current item font size using any component

Use any lable component


That’s my doubt how do I use any component for all labels together?

OK thank you, will try this but isn’t there any other method to directly do for all labels using any component

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You can take a look at this:

Just replace button blocks with label ones.


Thank you but like I have more than 300 labels and it will be tough to extend the make list to more than 300 blocks and adding more the a 300 items in a list that’s why I was asking for alternate solutions

First, why do you need 300 labels? That doesn’t sound like a well planned app, really. Can you please explain or show that so we can see if there’s a better way to do what you are doing?

Second, no, there’s no way to access all the labels unless you put them in a list.
A workaround would be to use dynamic objects and create the labels dinamically. At the same time the labels are created, they would be added to a list. But that would mean you have to throw away what you already did (the 300 labels).