Change Font Typeface

can i use two types of font in one label , because i want to use icon and text.

Use a vertical arrangement and place two or more label in it… This way you can change it easily.

but i want to use into sub title of listview so how can i make

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As far as I know, it’s not yet available…

if you are using listview text image then its possible to use different font.

how ? please help me

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list view text image component is there

no i want small icon in sub title of list view

What you want? Subtitle with custom font or image to subtitle?

sub title with custom font

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yes . You can.

If you want any help from my side just pm me…

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please give me soluction

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wait… let me provide screenshot

If you know HTML then you can do it easily because label component supports HTML.
Just enable it and use code.

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i know html but how i do please can you saw me blocks

i want like this

You can use horizontal arrangement with two labels

Which extension you are using?