How to change the font of a label using html

I want to apply multiple custom fonts in one label. (Fonts uploaded in asset)
Which html code should I put?

You can do it without using html just change the font in advance properties of lable in designer.

Just select your font in font typeface import

as i said,

I think its not possible to type in two or more fonts in one label from designer view, so that I need html code.

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Then use multiple lables.
Can you show a example what do you actually want.


Read This maybe help

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His guide not have what he want. I checked already.
Maybe ask @Vedang if there is a way to do what you want.

<FONT FACE="Arial">T</FONT><FONT FACE="Verdana">e</FONT><FONT FACE="Courier New">x</FONT><FONT FACE="Lucida Console">t</FONT>
And you have: Text


Only is hard to do, letter by letter. But work.
May be here some member can explain if is possible to implement more easy with CSS

You can also use multiple lebles into a horizontal arrangement

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Yes, you are right !!!
With this β€œText” reduce components on screen :wink:

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Yes, exactly I want something like this, but its not working on kodular

On Label you set HTML Format enable ?

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Yea it can be done using multiple labels for single line text.
but to change the font inside long paragraph it quite difficult to do with multiple label.

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How long is the text you want to display? Maybe you have to rethink how to do it.
You always can use a webviewer.

You upload font used to assets ?
Try with default font

<Font> tag is not supported in html5

I got this on w3schools

I think it will can be help

Also maybe this can help

Actually I am making troll maker app,
Where user types the text on text box to add text on photo, I wish user could type the text in multiple fonts by changing font.
And when user clicks on {done} button = set.label1.text =>> text_box1.text