Change onesignal default icon

I want that when I send notification from one signal than don’t show onesignal default icon (ball icon)on status bar, I want to show costom icon

I’ve never tried, but it should work like this. Try to upload the icon in the app assets, then put the file name here

you need to take onesingnal api its not possible through kodular now it may comes with future update

This topic is discussed like 100 times before… Use search function of Kodular community to explore those conversations

For your problem, for now leave the small icon area blank for default bell icon :bell: or put ya there to get your app icon as notification icon


I tried but no result

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There are two possible ways of doing it.

If you know how to decompile and recompile an app, you can make a custom transparent icon just for the OneSignal notification icon and do as I said in the linked topic.

However, you can do it without decompiling the app, just by creating your app’s icon with transparencies and writing “ya” in the OneSignal small icon name.


I tried your second advice and it’s working fine


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