Onesignal custom push icon steps

Please help me i want to add custom icon to my onesignal push in app.
but i dont want a formal answer i want correct and step to step procedure of doing this i want to add an image as the small icon tell me the format and size of the image tha t i have to upload in asset also and everything.

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I have added transparent image in asset used “ya” but still getting square block. Help plz tell me which which format image should I use PNG, jpg,JPEG etc and complete steps.

In my case it shows a grey round circle.

It looks different in different android versions.

You may not have added the icon of desired size which is required in the notification bar. Add icon of size 24x24 or 36x36.
It worked for every time.

Also read this thoroughly.


I tried this but not working.
suppose my app icon is :point_down: :point_down:

But i try to show this

help me. (sorry for bad english)

PNG should be used.

Although I use reverse engineering, my custom icon is 180x180 and it works.

If the white part is also eliminated, you would get a great result.