How to add custom icon to One Signal notification?

Today I am going show you, how to add custom icon to One Signal notification.

We all were having problem on adding custom icon to the notification as it were not looking professional. Well, there are ways to add it but for people, it’s not working. So here’s the proper way to add it.

i) First of all, create your icon using any icon builder or Adobe software.

ii) According to One Signal, the notification must be there in app assets in order to load it properly. They have declared the proper icon size to show it in the notification. The icon size is as follows:

Small Notification Icon (mdpi)|24x24
Small Notification Icon (hdpi)|36x36
Small Notification Icon (xhdpi)|48x48
Small Notification Icon (xxhdpi)|72x72
Small Notification Icon (xxxhdpi)|96x96.

So you have to resize your icon according to this guidelines.

iii) After resizing it and uploading in your app Kodular app, add One Signal component to your app.

iv) After you have done everything, just download your app.

Now open OneSignal, and do as follows.

Open ‘Platform Settings’.

Just write ‘ya’ in the small icon and send the notification. You will see your app icon in your app notification.

Note : The most preferable size for your app notification icon is: 24x24. It will work every time and you will not get the square icon in your notification.

Hope it helped you.

Thank you.


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Thank You for the “ya” part particularly, I wasn’t aware about that


Your guide working but in notification shade there is black circle. Why?

Is it possible to get app icon there?

I am not unable to do that. I am getting this error: “you are not permitted to view the requested resource.”

Ya. It is possible. Make sure that your icon size is according to the guide.

You can see icon of AdultSocial app. Cross check your app icon.

It will work.

You are welcome.

What about the notification sound ?

when notification received by the device, one signal has said that default notification sound of the device will play but no sound is playing when notification received.

Any idea about it?

Great post…this is what i wanted for my app…thank you so much…

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Pls confirm
you mean whatever we make our one-signal icon name, after sending push notification just type ‘‘ya’’ in small icon box??

Yes its working.

Why not u try it in by creating a test notification and sending it on a test device.

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Thanks man,

i test this method its working fine…

Excellent work Shivam…this is what i was searching last month but no result found actual you solved this awesome buddy.

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Worked For Me​:heart:

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Thank You Soo Much. Worked For me

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yes. Whatever will be your icon, you have to type ‘ya’ in the One Signal.

Glad it helped you. :grinning:

Glad it worked for you. :smile:

:smile: Glad it helped you.

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In my device, notification sound is ringing. Check if you device volume is muted or not.

But not in mine.

I checked on silent mode as well as on normal mode, increased system volume and also media volume of the device but no sound is ringing on notification receives.

Which device you are using? Android version?

Mine is 9.