Trouble with One Signal notification

i’m trying Signal, i can receive message by just adding Push notification Component block (key include) in my app.

Issue 1: no way to get custom icon working
i followed this but still square icon showing.
I generated my icon (even tested default icon provided) from here which i used for Style notification extension and it’s works for that but not with Signal.

Issue 2: Every time i reinstall the app (same phone) it’s counted as new user, so i come up with a lot of fake users (only Player ID are different). I refresh, wait, nothing. When i try to send message now it detected there is no user and update fake users as Not Subscribed, but still count my 2 phones as 2 Active user even it’s uninstalled.


I skip replying with Issue number 1 as you have not posted any screenshot and/or blocks that can help me understand if you are following this correctly. There might have issues with the guide too.

Issue - 2 : Have you used any system on your app that can check whether the user is new or returning user? If yes, can you please show the relevant blocks?

I afraid to do not have any relavant screenshot, i just Signup On signal with Firebase and get my Signal Key, add Push Notification component and that’s it. i did not use any block, and it’s working.
Do i have to subscript user in code? like set to True this block:?

issue 1:
i create image png of 24x24, add it on asset then download and install the app. On Signal dashboard i create push message and set small icon to ‘ya’ then send.

I added logic to subscribe user called on Initialize, but this only prevent “OneSignal Not working” when turn off notification and turn it on back from Android settings.
i did not found a way to detect if only OneSignal notification was turned off and not all Notifications of the App, because i use Style Notification as well.