Change the font size only of certain text sections in textbox

i have already looked for hours in forums, also from the other platforms, but unfortunately i find no solution. I need a way to enlarge or reduce only certain parts of the text in a textbox, or to change these parts e.g. in bold. I also can’t find a suitable extension. Just by the way, as a question, is there actually an alternative to the textbox, where you can write in directly? I hope you can help me. Thanks a lot and many greetings.

In User Interface components:

  1. “Label” is for displaying text, and you can turn on its “HTML” property (see the “advanced properties” in the Designer). Then you can use the “b” and/or “big” html tags to customize your content, respectively the “font” to change colors.

  2. TextBox is for user input, and one field cannot contain sequences with different styling. You can turn off the “Enabled” property if you want to make it read-only.

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Thank you for your infos.

I still have one question. How can i get the starting and end numbers (both cursor positions) for a selected text in a textbox or label? I hope this is possible somehow. I only get the first cursor number / position. Thank you again.