Changing YouTube videos URL

Hello developers ,
i am creating an app where i have to post / update data on regular basis.
and i am doing well using Airtable.
But, now i want to add youtube videos of mine or others into it , by which user can watch youtube videos in that post too.
But, i m unable to do so.
Can somebody help me.
P.S - i want data and YouTube video will both displayed.

I can’t understand what actually you need, please elaborate more.

You can make a layout in that at top there will be YouTube Player and below that whatever you want show it.

thank you for your early reply @themaayur

arrangements you are saying are true and in my mind as well.
But, as news app . i have to update news every hour or everyday. in which i have to update videos too.
But , here i am unable to update YouTube players link. like we are changing data in airtable ( like without pushing update to app ?).

Are you storing yt link in Airtable.

Nope. and i cant find any block to call URL from other source in YouTube component

I am totally confused, first tell me from where are you getting the link for yt video.

I think so yt player we have to use video ID

P.s yes you have to use video ID to play video.

yes. but how to update YouTube ID ? like we update data in airtable OR does it possible to update YouTube ID from Airtable ?

Just replace the ID which you want to change.

Yes It Is Possible

You need to use "Contain text " and add your youtube id in center of post like ^YOUTUBE ID^ . if contain text found that then make youtube player visible and split text use as youtube id and its work.

You Can Create It like This

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it works. thank you so much for your help @Vedang

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Glad it helped you

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