How to make youtube videos in list view with video ID

How to make youtube videos as list view with the youtube video ID

This can be helpful to you

Which component are you using for listView :thinking:

Can you give aia file or tell me clearly

You can make a complete listview with image using the API

look at this guide created by @themaayur. 5 Different Listviews using Dynamic component Extension | Guide

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But I haven’t written that guide.
You should check once again.


Ooops :laughing: sorry. :rofl: :smirk:

I am using custom list view Extension by deephost

What you have tried yet

Can you provide screenshots or aia file

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i can’t provide aia file. because it contains paid extension

I can also do this in colintree listview

How can we do like this in colintreelistview

I want to create list with youtube video ID

just set list with colintree listview and when colintree listview
blocks (6)

In this type of list view, need to make list seperately with thumnail url and Title. Then loading time is high :expressionless:. That’s why I want to make list with YT video ID.

Is there any possiblity to make list view, getting thumnail and title from YT video ID or URL

By using this guide it is possible just use some extension for getting thumbnail tittle and on click on the card open another screen with yt player with start value of ID.
If possible then I will post it here. Till then you must try.


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I will try

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ok, thankyou.

Is there any extension or method to get video Title by using YT video ID