Chat between 2 person not for all people to read

Hello people, i have a normal chat in my app. if a person use my app he can use different chat rooms. To change the chat room i work with Prokect Buchet what will changed if the user chang the chatroom. This all do work really good but i dont know how to implement a chat between two persons , so that each user can chat with a other user in a private chatroom. i dont know how to implemet this with a second firebase component.
I hope for help thanks people .

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Hi again @plang58
I don’t know how to do this yet, but I’m gonne have a look at it myself next week for my own chat. If you have not figured out until then I’ll post my blocks here for you :wink: I think I know how, but I don’t have time to make this right now as I need to finish some other things in app first :slight_smile:

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nice sounds great, yes i have a lot of other things to do for the app the chat is only a small part of that, maybef 5 % or so.

i have found a video what can maybe help you. i dont understand how to combine that with our chat system. But this people make a chat where users can have a friendlist and you can chat with them. YouTube . I hope ths can help us to make a user to user chat, I have implemented now to send pictures in the chat and all things working well. without any trouble. But what i see is that you have to scroll down after you sent a msg. tha app does not scoll down to the newest msg alone.

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Well, I have the textbox and send button in bottom, so I don’t have that kind of issue. But you can try this:

I have not tried it myself, but it might be something you can use after ex. when data changed :slight_smile:

hey yes i tested this but thus makes no sense. i will try it to change the design a bit. but as you i have the text field at the bottom of the arragement.

Ok, I will have a look at this tomorrow :+1:

Store the data (messages) on both the buckets (you and the person you are chatting with)