Chatview user image not rounded perfectly

Hello…I have tried to create a chat app with chatview component…but i get a problem…some user image was not rounded perfecly…any body know how to solve it?

Align Vertical to center or check the app

Do you have it inside a Card View? Was same for me to, but when I had it only in a Vertical Arr. it was working 100% fine :slight_smile:

Yea same to me its a bug !

I use it without any problems after I only have it inside 1 vertical arr. When I had it inside more then one arr. same thing happened to me altso, same when I tried to have it inside å Card View. I would suggest put it inside only 1 arrangement.

make a new thread because there is comeing an update i hope they solve this problem too. Because yesterday a memmber told me that he solved the scroll issue for the next upate.

Why make a new thread? All these comments are related to the topic. No need to make new thread, and I guess Mika, developer of this Component has seen this topic and has been aware of this problem.
But as I tell in my comments this can be solved by using ONLY 1 vertical arrangement as I have absolutely NO issues with this error after I moved the ChatView component into only ONE Vertical Arrangement.
Before that I tried ChatView Component inside CardView and inside Vertical Arrangements that was inside other arrangements, all resulted with this topics issue.

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There is the problem i wanted to use the chat in a card view. Let it looks like whats app. swipe to ledt and you see your chats. And so on. To use it only in one screen is waste of space i think. You can do much more if you can put the chatview in a card view or in a tab.
But i understand that what you mean with that you dont need to open a new thread. I thought tthat maybe he or other members does not look in each thread again and again. .This is why i told this.

What do you mean? You can have other things/components on screen aswell when ChatView is visible if you want, just not on the sides(left&Right) of chat. :+1:

I also want it inside a Card View, but since that’s not possible @ the moment, my suggestion here is the Solution of this problem for now.

Maybe Mika will have a fix for this in updates later on :slight_smile:

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I wanted i as you told in a card view that i can put more layouts where i have useful thing into it. you can do more tthings , was maybe a bit wrong what i told, you can make more with your screen thatt is that what i mean. But we dont know when tthe update come. Cound be end of december too or later. I asked but i dont get an answer because i wanted to publish my first version in a few days. Now i will wait and implement in the meantime more otther things. I can send with my chat Img, text, and files now. all theese things i sucessfully implemented. i will have a lot of chat rooms. But the only tthing what i need is a person to person chat, and the problem witth the scroll down. Scoll down will be solved with the next updatte he told. But i dont knwo how to make a person to person chat. I tried around for a while but i am to sttupid for that. And all the solutions what you find will not help me much because they dont use a chat view and works different to our solution. So i hope to bring it to work the next few days, if not , my chat have tthis function not. Makes me sad but what should i do if i dont know how to solve this problem. Have you any ideas for me for that. A person tto person chat. I tthink we need a second firebase component for that. And thats the only thing what i know.

What about scrolling? In my app…it not fully down scrolled when new message arrived

they solved that problem with the next upate the problem is gone.

The problem with chat messages width is solved for next update

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