My Chat_view problem


i need help with the Chat_view component.
I try to display a message with add message, but the whole thing is not shown at all.
I do not currently want to develop a direct app, but only want to familiarize myself a little with the component. That’s why I only tried a small local project without Firebase.

At the moment looks like this

Why am I not seeing the message I sent?
Do you absolutely need Firebase or can you also use it locally without Firebase?

Can you share your aia?
It looks okay

TellMe.aia (22.2 KB)
Simple and easy. But the Message dont show. Sad. :confused:

It’s really weird, you have to report it as a bug.
Apparently Chat View cannot work inside Horizontal arrangement
I’m posting the revised aia, I just inserted the chat into the Vertical Layout and the Vertical Layout I put it into the Horizontal Layout
TellMe (1).aia (22 .2 ק״ב)

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lol … this is really crazy.
How do I report that as a bug?
It is therefore clear that the Chat_view component cannot currently be used in a layout.
Sad. :frowning:

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thank you. have a nice day and stay healthy. :slight_smile:

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