Chat View White borders

While adding Transparency to Chat View message bubbles, the bubble is getting white borders. I want a clean-transparent bubble without any borders.

Transparent bubbles I want

Transparent bubbles with Borders in kodular

Please suggest me about achieving clean-transparent bubble without any borders in Kodular

As far I understand your issue.
You are using a vertical arrangement for chat layout and you have setted the Background Color to none and also Is Card property to true that’s why you are seeing a white border across the layout.

Same thing is happening with you


You have to set the Is Card property to false this will not affect your layout’s radius because you have already setted the Round Card property to true.


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Actually, I am using Kodular’s default chat view (not any custom vertical arrangement) for chat screen layout . When I try to set Chat View’s message bubble to transparent, white border comes up.