Outline on (vertical / horizontal) Arrangements

Do you want to create an outlined arrangement like this one?

Then follow me…

  1. drag a vertical or horizontal arrangement on builder.
  2. set it’s background colour to none
  3. turn it’s is card property to On
    There you go… Now you have a outlined [box] arrangement.
    [note: the colour of outline is white only and I haven’t tested it on other arrangements (only on vertical and horizontal arrangement)]

Nice! I usually put an arrangement within another and set its height percent to -1% of the outer arrangement and the width to -2%. But I assume this might not scale well. You could always use the screen dimensions to get the right values though or just use pixels. This way you can set the border to any colour.

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I just loved it! I’ve used it in a form in my project. :blush:


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